Resources and Information on Accessory Dwelling Units (“ADUs”)

For those of you interested in ADUs, my website, “Silicon Valley ADUs,”  is a new online resource featuring news about ADUs, as well as an FAQ on ADU basics. I have also provided online tools to assist those of you who are ADU developers: The Excel-based “Return on Investment” tool has a template that is designed to help plan ADU projects and track costs, while the “Regulations” section will help you identify the relevant ordinances applicable to your project for the Santa Clara County jurisdiction in which the project is located. Finally, I have included a forum for you to give references for local ADU project vendors you have experienced; as you successfully work with these vendors, I hope you will share your thoughts with me.

I recently gave a presentation on ADUs. If you would be interested in receiving it, please fill out the form below.

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Receiving the Professional Lawyer of the Year Award from SCCBA in 2018

Each year, the Santa Clara County Bar Association recognizes our local bench for its dedication and contributions to the administration of justice at its annual Judges’ Night Dinner. The most recent edition of this affair was held on December 11, 2018 at the San Jose Marriott, and I was honored to receive the Professional Lawyer of the Year Award at this event.

Here is the audio of the acceptance speech, “The Value of Vibrant, Active Bar Associations in Fostering Professionalism and Mentorship Among Attorneys and the Bench

Read more about the event.

Are You Protected?

Download Mr. Gonzales’s special report, created especially for owners of commercial properties.

Reducing the Risks of  Holding Title to Commercial  Real Estate
A Practical Guide For Managing
By Daniel Gonzales


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Rent Control in Silicon Valley

I delivered an update on the current status of Silicon Valley rent control measures, recently, at the offices of the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (“SCCAOR”). This 90-minute presentation was a part of the “SCCAOR University”, and  reviewed the recent “just cause” ordinance enacted in San Jose and the latest measures adopted by Mountain View, as well as the existing East Palo Alto rent control ordinances. This discussion also included a report on rent control proposals that have been under consideration in other Silicon Valley cities.

The title of the talk is Updates on Rent Control Developments in Silicon Valley

The presentation discusses the rules in Mountain View, San Jose, East Palo Alto and Los Gatos. It also discusses the details within each cities rules, such as San Jose’s Ellis Act Ordinance.

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Going Solar

Recently, I made an executive summary-level presentation before a group of real estate professionals addressing the complications and risks of solar electricity systems, in particular with respect to residential property. Many friends and colleagues were unable to attend the presentation, and have asked me to make the slides available.

The title of the talk is Going solar: How Realtors can avoid (or help escape) traps for the unwary.

This presentation will help Realtors address problems that can arise in the sale of a home with a solar electricity system.

Set forth below are some key points from the presentation (partial list):

  • Purchasing vs. leasing solar electricity systems
  • Pitfalls in selling houses with solar electricity leases
  • Advising homeowners about solar electricity systems
  • Strategies for Realtors in dealing with solar electricity leases

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